What People Say

I’m far too modest to make this page all about me, so here are other people’s words – all about me.

The children and I all enjoyed Dom’s visit. It was lovely for them to come to the realisation that poetry can be about literally anything, from serious to light hearted and humourous topics. Dom put this over really well.
Also, he brought in his personal experiences, such as his disability and he showed how poetry can help express feelings instead of bottling them up.

Dom is a fantastically talented poet who has delivered a truly powerful message to our year 7 and 8 students. Dom’s sessions focus on the power of words and his poems “Local words” and “Bentback” truly inspired the children, many of whom left the session with a fresh attitude towards poetry. Since the session, our children have had a much more positive approach to reading and understanding poetry, finding poetry in music and even writing some of their own.

[Dom] ran two workshop sessions at my school, children are still quoting his story in the playground a week later!

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