Dom Conlon's Stories and Poetry

The Bad Cough

At the very first cough his nose fell off…

Encouraging children to be creative

I leave for work fairly early in the morning. Before I go (or the night before) I like to leave my son a little ‘good morning son’ message. It’s just a bit of fun,...

How to write

How To Tell A Story

First, let’s collect together some bits and bobs… THINK OF SOMEONE (or something) Somebody a bit like you (maybe). We can call this person a HERO. It’s ok if they aren’t perfect. Nobody is....

An elephant’s hug

If an elephant could shrug
She might give you hug
And tell you not to worry.

Tommy Tickletail

Tommy Tickletail is asleep in the kitchen. His body stretches twelve feet long. He snores and his teeth rattle like a train in a tunnel. Who dares creep past Tommy Tickletail?

How to write

Know your place

Each page, each double page spread, must compel a reader to turn the page.