Dom Conlon's Stories and Poetry


Review: Laika

A beautifully told, expertly handled story which will inspire children to look to the stars.

Review: Florence Flies Away

A beautiful and lyrical story. This is the finest example of self-publishing I can think of. Love and dedication shows through on every page.

A collection of Nonsense

I heard a hornet with a cornet make a terrible noise. – a short collection of nonsensical rhymes.

How to be a good drawerer

I realised, quite out of the blue, that the thing holding me back from doodling with any degree of skill was worry…


In a very tiny village, far from anywhere and closer to nowhere than everywhere else, there lived a cloud…

Shall We Sail Into Space?

Shall we sit in a bubble and float into space, sailing past stars that shine in your face…

The Bad Cough

At the very first cough his nose fell off…

Encouraging children to be creative

I leave for work fairly early in the morning. Before I go (or the night before) I like to leave my son a little ‘good morning son’ message. It’s just a bit of fun,...