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Tiny The Giant - I Can Eat The Moon

One Tiny page

I’m not averse to picking out my favourites, whether it be food (ice cream), scarves (red) or planets (Neptune). The same is true of the things I’ve written and right now I’d say that I have TWO favourites. One of...


How to be a good drawerer

I realised, quite out of the blue, that the thing holding me back from doodling with any degree of skill was worry…


Encouraging children to be creative

I leave for work fairly early in the morning. Before I go (or the night before) I like to leave my son a little ‘good morning son’ message. It’s just a bit of fun, a sketch (I am not an...

How to write

How To Tell A Story

First, let’s collect together some bits and bobs… THINK OF SOMEONE (or something) Somebody a bit like you (maybe). We can call this person a HERO. It’s ok if they aren’t perfect. Nobody is. But they will do their best...

How to write

Know your place

Each page, each double page spread, must compel a reader to turn the page.