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Lantern Forest - The Bear's Tale

Lantern Forest – stories for children

The Bear’s Tale ‘ello. You’re not lost, are you? You can’t be looking for us… unless… Terry! Terry! Get down here. Did you order a child? No? Oh, well then. That can mean only one thing. Not many children wander...

The Stones of Moss Koss

The Stones of Moss Koss

A rolling stone can gather no moss But that’s simply not true for the Stones of Moss Koss. Each one moves around like a pea on a plate Like a wandering minstrel, late for a date. It rolls like an...

Robert and the Bomb (banner)

Robert and the Bomb

Robert wasn’t sure he should do it.
Lesley Grooves said he probably couldn’t.
Felix Didler said he probably shouldn’t.



Cynthia Sloan was all alone because Cynthia Sloan liked cats.
More than that, Cynthia Sloan loved cats.


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